This innovative hotel typology consists of 20 sizable modules and 12 smaller yellow capsules. The concept of scattered capsules aims to replicate the pattern of the surrounding forest, providing users with an immersive “forest” living experience, all while ensuring a level of comfort with access to urban necessities.

Visitors are greeted by a staggered structure at the entrance, allowing them to park their cars to ensure the inner compound remains as pedestrian-friendly as possible. Beyond its role as a parking facility, this primary structure serves a dual purpose as a commercial sector, offering essential amenities for guests, and as a versatile banquet hall, providing a gathering space for events.

To offer guests a diverse range of experiences while maintaining a cohesive design, LCSC Architects devised a modular design typology. This approach allows for individual capsules to differ from one another and assembling unique configurations with interchangeable modules, much like constructing with LEGO blocks.

LCSC Architects

Founded by Ar. Yong Leng Chee and Ar. Beh Ssi Cze, this architecture firm shares a unified vision of actively involving end users in the design process to enhance the creation of a more impactful built environment.

About LCSC Architects

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