Penstocks or sluice gates are the equivalent of valves used to control the flow of running water. Penstock / Sluice gates mainly consists of a sort of a sturdy mobile vertical wall, of various material.

The amount of water that is allowed to flow through the penstock can be controlled with a sluice/ penstock, which is simply a gate that can be raised and lowered to increase or decrease the amount of water allowed to flow through it.

When the penstock is fully open, water flows freely down through the penstock. However, when it is closed slightly there is a limitation to how much water can flow, and thus less water enters or flow through the penstock.

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Established in December 1982, Kejuruteraan Trisuria Sdn. Bhd. has had more then a decadeโ€™s experience in industrial engineering solutions. 

  • Founded : Dec 1982
  • Speciality : Flood Engineering
  • HQ : Balakong, Selangor
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