We work with Kawa roofing solution to find out why standing seam is the preferred roofing system when it comes to longevity, safety, leak protection etc. Our KAWA range of products conserve energy and is environmentally sustainable. We ensure our roof systems are designed for the right temperature control for the comfort of building interiors, resulting in energy conservation and cost savings. Raw materials are optimally used with little wastage, recyclable and have minimal impact on the environment, making it sustainable

The overlapping mechanism is the reason why Conceal fastener is the preferred choice for people looking for durability

Hidden Fasteners โ€“ Hidden fastener technology protects your roofโ€™s fasteners from weather elements such as UV rays, moisture, wind, etc. Standing seam panels are attached with clips that attach to the panel which eliminates opportunities for your metal roof to wear down against screws.

Design loves it because of its seamless profile, the higher price point comes with a reason

One of the most significant drawbacks to standing seam metal roofing is how much installing standing seam metal roof panels costs. Installing a standing seam metal roofing system can be more expensive when compared to other types of metal roofing systems, especially exposed fastener systems.

Standard RoofingStanding Seam
RM88 / sqftRM120/sqft
25 years75 years

MNC clients loves it because standing seam provides lesser headache and maintenance, here are the projects that uses standing seam profile by Kawa roofing !

United Seasons Sdn Bhd

Our strong reputation has been built on the strength of our extensive industry experience in dealing with challenges ranged from design, technical support, functionality needs to customize requirement gained not only in home market but also from international projects.

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