Everyone were once an employee, therefore we think job application from the employee’s perspective. Our platform is focus driven for the betterment of building and design industry, therefore we assist employer to showcase their best side in order to get the best candidates.

Our job listing is clear and transparent,

  • RM39 per job listing
  • 30+30days listing
  • application are all redirected to your email.

โœ… Recommended description:

  • Interior designer with 4-5 years experience
  • Architecture background with intention to get LAM Part III
  • Fluent in English and other languages
  • Speak French (dealing with french client)

โŒ Descriptions to avoid :

  • Willing to work hard, Creative designer (too common)
  • Omputih speaker only ( with no definition of reason of linguistic preference)

Include a Map:

  • Applicants will know how to get to your office
  • Allow applicants to find close-by property
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