InnoLED is consist of 2 pieces of glass encapsulate the LED in between, it is transparent and the electrical power is connected to the nearly invisible circuit board in between of the glass. This laminated glass can use as decorative indoor application and outdoor use for curtain wall or skylight. It can have optional module like a flash controller or remote controller to control the visualization.

Innoglass is our name and our name has been the byword for innovative solutions in safety glass for both architecture and automotive functions since 2004. The development of our glass products consists of a high level of safety while attributing to the sophisticated features to any architectural or interior designs. Our philosophy is โ€“ โ€œDo the right thing, Do the thing right!โ€ With this in mind we are constantly on the move to bring innovative and cost saving products to customers. Our products are environmental friendly by reducing carbon footprint. Together with you, we can build better living and working spaces for tomorrow.

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