I-NAI was established since 1986 as a creative based business with its very first project on ‘CITY BEAUTIFICATION PROGRAMME’. It has created the tagline ‘BANDAR MENARIK RAMAI TERTARIK’ and focused on the design of Streetscape elements.

It’s all about love, beauty, peace & Unity

ransforming ideas with enhanced valules, learning from the past artisans and scholars’ beneficial legacy to the present civilisation, we have evolve the ideas further incorporating new technological advancement and medium materials to innovate new heritage for the future generation.Synergising the effort wth individuals and companies with the same passion and mission, we have proven that our innovations which is considered by many as meaningful object d’art has somehow transform the built environment with a powerful image. We are set to reinforce socio-cultural value, experiental value, building and technical value and economical value through all our project involvements.

Incorporated as a company in 1996, our fine works of art that customs both artistic skill and technology have adored a number of major buildings in Malaysia. Over the years, we manage to transform most projects we are involved in as landmark/iconic building that has everlasting and beautiful features, which portrays the powerful identity of its own. The company currently has 50 employees located at Headquarters and Regional Office.

  • I-Nai Venture Holdings Sdn. Bhd
  • 403675-W
  • Shah Alam

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