IEP is a supplier of industrial and commercial electrical and power products, suitable for use in a variety of hazardous and harsh environments. Our products range from equipment directly involved in power distribution system and data transmissions, such as uninterruptible power systems (UPS), plugs, sockets and fuses; to installation products such as cable trays, heat-shrink tubing products, band clamping systems, cable joints, conduits, firestop sealants and sleeves, water penetration seal and lightning protection. To ensure that your electrical power distribution systems, regardless of where they are being used, is as safe as possible, we also provide services related to the design, installation, commissioning, management, maintenance, upgrading, migration, and replacement of our products.

About the company:

Providing an excellent service for our customers is a core part of IEPโ€™s business. Therefore, on top of our products, we provide these value-added services to complete our customerโ€™s experience with us:

  • Speciality : Engineering
  • HQ : Balakong, Selangor

Our Products :



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