Ar. Ng Syn How is a registered architect with vast experience in various projects, ranging from small-scale to mixed-use developments. With a keen eye for design and expertise in project management, he offers clients helpful advice and ensures the successful execution of each project. His notable achievements include contributions to projects such as Tamarind Square, Geo 38 Residence, UOB Tower 2, and Sunway Valley City Mall.

“We create harmonious and meaningful places.”


Here are some of the projects by HOW ARCHITECT

Concrete Briseโ€Soleil – Open and Connecting

In the tropical context, the dilemma of bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces is a common challenge faced by many houses. By incorporating a concrete screen and planter structure around the building’s perimeter, Syh How successfully created a transitional space that not only minimized heat gain from direct sunlight but also provided a seamless connection between the inside and outside. This innovative design solution transformed the under-utilized outdoor garden into a versatile living space, allowing for everyday family activities and blurring the boundaries between the two environments.

Family Circle – ๅฎถๅœ†

In the Pekan Serdang home project, the concept of “ๅœ†-Yuรกn / Circle” symbolizes family unity. The design transforms the garden into an activity space, fostering interaction between generations. With transparent elements and a harmonious roof design, the architecture embraces the context and culture.

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How Architect is an emerging architecture studio based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, with an affiliate studio in Sydney, Australia. The team comprises young creatives who are passionate about delivering responsible and meaningful architecture that prioritizes the well-being of inhabitants and the environment. Their previous works have been recognized locally and internationally through publications and prestigious awards.

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  • Petaling Jaya, Malaysia