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If you are designing a project which uses metal deck as the roofing and facade panel, please do note that the following item will affect the roofing selection. We have further clarified with our metal deck specialist, ie <metal deck supplier> on the following matter, and we have listed 3 main things that will affect the metal deck selection.

Metal deck is a very robust material, but there are still physical pre-cautious that architects and designers need to be aware of

We have consulted one of the biggest metal deck suppliers in Malaysia, <metal deck supplier> on their experience as manufacturer of metal deck.

Yes, sea water can be corrosive to metal roofs and walls. Although not all metal roofs and walls corrode at the same rate, over time, salty sea air and humidity will react on them and they will deteriorate. If metal roofs or walls start to rust, they will not function as intended and will have to be replaced.


Do clarify with your <metaldecksupplier> representative on your site, it will affect the following items in the specification.

1. Coating

Additional layer of protective coating should be added to the metal deck prior to installation, this will ensure the panel is always protected from corrosion.

To protect architect’s liablity, we recommend a minimum specification of <insert specification> to potential dispute in the future.

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2. Thickness

A minimum thickness of 3micron is recommended. Although generally there are recommendation of a lower thickness but it is good enough to recommend a better specification as a fail proof.

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3. Lapping

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Metal Deck panels are made with different sidelaps and sidelap connections. While some profiles are manufactured with only one sidelap, others can be manufactured with the option of a different sidelap. A panel made with more than one sidelap is referred to by different names. This helps differentiate it so that you know which type of sidelap connection to use.

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