We borrowed Ar.Edric Choo’s work as a reference

Sentul Works, a colonial building restored by YTL Land Design Group, blends old and new seamlessly. The architect in charge of this amazing design is Ar.Edric Choo, the founder of O2 Design Atelier who have penned numerous interesting designs around Klang valley.

Its original architecture remains intact, with modern office spaces surrounding a central atrium. A first-floor bridge enhances connectivity, promoting a flexible work environment that respects the building’s heritage while meeting contemporary needs.

Corten steel requires a specific type of metal called Corten SPA-H

This Metal is available in thicknesses of 3mm, 4.5mm, and 6mm. It comes in large sheets measuring 5ft x 10ft. In its original state, it is free from any rust; however, the installer needs to spray water on it to initiate the rusting process.

Will the corrosion corrode the whole metal?

The short answer is nope; the oxidation state of the metal has become a layer of protection from further corrosion. To an extent, it is assumed to be more lasting than paint protection. The corten steel effect is scientifically called weathering steel. The following ingredients are required:

Steel Corten SPA-H metal
Thickness3.0mm, 4.5mm, 6.0mm
Panel5ft x 10ft
Oxidation AgentHydrogen Peroxide
CatalystWhite Vinegar

Here are the dealers in Malaysia who can supply Corten Steel material

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