Electronic hotel locks encompass various primary forms of access control. Contemporary options range from RFID cards to magnetic stripe cards, akin to those used in credit cards. Additionally, emerging solutions leverage phone applications and Bluetooth technology.

In the present day, there exists a vast selection of options, each offering diverse features and varying security levels. Given this extensive range of choices, how does one determine a reliable choice for ensuring the security of guests’ hotel rooms ?

These systems are similar to credit cards. The lock has a slot reader that reads the magnetic stripe on the card and opens the lock. The cards and locks can be programmed for access control, limiting users and timeframes like RFID systems.

RFID cards can be programmed with specific information, allowing access to only certain parts of the hotel and only for a specific timeframe. Access will automatically be taken away upon the expiry of the guestsโ€™ reservation, even if they still hold the card.

The Apple Wallet key operates with secure encryption protocols to ensure the protection of the digital key information. This allows for convenient, secure, and contactless access to various locations and devices for users who have the necessary permissions and authorization.

1. Vingcard by Assa Abloy

VingCard is a brand of electronic locking systems and security solutions developed by Assa Abloy, a global leader in door opening solutions. VingCard systems primarily offer electronic locking solutions designed for hotels, providing secure access to guest rooms and other areas within a hotel property. These systems are known for their innovative technology, including keycard-based access control.

SecurityMarketing Sdn Bhd is the official distributor of Hotel lockset system by Assa Abloy in Malaysia. They have been in the business since 1969.

2. Saflok by DormaKaba

Saflok, manufactured by dormakaba, is a line of electronic door locks and access control systems designed primarily for the hospitality industry. These systems offer advanced security solutions for hotels, resorts, and similar lodging establishments. Saflok electronic locks are equipped with RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) or other contactless technology to allow access to guest rooms.

3. Salto Hotel Security

Salto locksets are designed to offer enhanced security and flexibility. They often allow for wireless communication, enabling remote management and real-time control of access points. The system might integrate with software that permits administrators to oversee access rights, monitor entries and exits, and manage access levels across multiple doors or facilities.

4. Dialock Hafele

Hรคfele Dialock is an advanced electronic access control system manufactured by Hรคfele, a company known for its hardware technology and solutions in various industries, including furniture fittings, architectural hardware, and electronic access control.

Here are the companies who can supply lockset for Hotel & Intergration with Hotel Management Systems

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