In the commercial carpet sector, Paragon is the preferred brand to most of the 5 star hotels, commercial buildings, offices and also mosque & government projects. Besides, we have more than 100 authorized dealers nationwide and around the world.

Paragon isn’t just trading carpet, they own their own manufacturing hub and supply for Proton and International brands

Paragon also supply flooring material to both locally and internationally such as Proton, Perodua, Honda, Nissan, General Motor, BMW, Volvo, Daihatsu, Isuzu. Mitsubishi and many others. Such testimonial is unfounded in another other carpet manufacters in Malaysia.

1. Thick might not be the best, here are the general spec based on zone

hotels often have different carpet thickness based on the zone or area within the hotel. This differentiation in carpet thickness serves various purposes such as aesthetic appeal, comfort, noise reduction, and durability.

AreaPile WeightPile Height
Note : Specification above varies to suitablity of the project

2. Moist / Damp proofing layer

Moisture can seep into carpets from spills, leaks, or high humidity levels. Without a moisture protection layer, this moisture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which not only damages the carpet but also poses health risks to occupants.

3. Texture Selection

, hotels often utilize a variety of carpet textures throughout different areas of the property to achieve different aesthetic and functional purposes. Here are some examples of how hotels might use different carpet textures:

Darker colour for common area

Hotels often opt for darker color shades for common areas due to several practical and aesthetic reasons. It should be more ‘tahan’ than other areas.

Lighter colour at corridor

Lighter colour serves as pathway and provides positive ambience to the visitors when navigating to their rooms. It also serves as a ‘posh’ identity addressing to the visitors.

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