To start off, Grohe deals with more ‘wetness’ than we do in our life.

Grohe is a Germany leading brand for holistic bathroom solutions, every GROHE product is based on the brand values of offering “Pure Joy of Water”.

Instead of viewing Grohe solely as a sanitary provider, we prefer to refer to them as Sanitary Artists because they transform water into both form and function through a wide range of bathroom products. Their offerings include sink faucets, showers, bathtub faucets, and various accessories, all designed to enhance your daily routine from morning to night by creating a better space.

Start your day with fast ‘wetness’

Waken up at 7 am by an urgent call?Grohe shower and sink faucets wake you up with a strong flow rate of 10 liters per minute, ensuring you’re ready for your day without any delay.

Getting “wet” with less water technology

With the Water Saving technology, water consumption can be reduced by almost 50% without you noticing. How does EcoJoy work? A flow restrictor and smaller nozzle diameters are used in shower heads, reducing water wastage up to 5 Liters per minute.

Household fixtureFlow rate / GPM
Toilet1.6 / flush

We work so hard, we also deserve a better bath!

After spending 10 hours work, why not spend extra time to rest your body well in the tub? We checked with Grohe Malaysia,15 minutes of bath time can help us relax our mind, body and soul. While the thermostats technology provides a pleasantly consistent water temperature, a good bath help us in our sleep.

That’s all the ‘wet’ness Grohe can do for us

A good shower or bath also can stimulate your sensory, allowing your partner to feel better at nighttime. By using Grohe, it could improve your relationship with your partner.

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Grohe has been in existence for nearly a century, focusing on intensive product production and manufacturing. They have invested millions in researching how to create higher-quality sanitary ware that lasts longer and reduces water wastage.

All they are focusing on is not just sanitary ware, but silently helping us to get through our day from the typical moments to the moment of indulgence.

On behalf of, I would like to express my gratitude to Millicent (middle) and Darren Quek (right) for their support in our efforts to unify the building material contacts for Malaysia.

Lo Chang Yong,

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