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Designers and homeowners started to understand that the right hardware can truly elevate the look and feel of a space, which is why Goo-Ki, an artisan handle brand, is dedicated to offering unique and timeless options that will enhance the aesthetic of any space.

1. Door handle is the first element we will touch before entering a space, it needs to be meticulously designed with attention to detail and quality

The Goo-ki collection features a variety of styles, ranging from intricate and ornate to simple and understated, all crafted with the highest attention to detail. Our handles are made from durable materials, such as brass and zinc alloy, ensuring that they will last for years to come.

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2. Retro handle like this can add touch of elegance and retro to the interior space. It looks fun!

These handles add a nice pop of color against furniture. It combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. When you open the cabinet, the curvy design will make you feel smooth and comfortable. The small scratches and dents on the surface give them an antique look.

3. Hydraulic hinges is embedded into the door frame & door panel. creating a seamless look, no matter where we view it from

Goo-ki provides a variety of hinges, including hidden hydraulic hinges, at an affordable price. Compared to regular hinges, hidden hydraulic hinges offer greater load-bearing capacity and higher stability. Its unique and innovative design sets it apart from ordinary door handles.

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4. Advantages of using hidden hydraulic hinge is it creates an absolutely clean interior surface.

Featuring a hidden installation, these handles offer a simple and elegant design. They are made of zinc alloy and come in three surface finishes: chrome matte, nickel matte, and shiny gold. With their versatility, these handles are suitable for a wide range of applications.

5. Besides the title above, do check out other type of door handles they have in their inventory.

For modern designers, handle designs are characterized by simplicity, featuring straight lines, sharp angles, and smooth surfaces that create a minimalist look. For those who appreciate a vintage style, handles may showcase bold colors, playful shapes, and vintage-inspired finishes, such as brushed brass or antique copper. The designs of the handles can be influenced by mid-century modern or Art Deco aesthetics, incorporating geometric shapes, curved lines, and intricate details that evoke the glamour of a bygone era. For children’s furniture designers, specially designed LEGO bases can hold LEGO toys on the doorknobs.

Check out their latest door lock catalogue, where each lock is demonstrated in detail, showcasing every aspect.

Every lock in the collection takes inspiration from a unique and distinct concept, ensuring a diverse range of design possibilities. Not only can each lock be tailored to individual preferences through a selection of materials and colors, but it also offers the opportunity to create a truly personalized and customized look.

Certification & quality assurance with the following 3rd party international verification groups

Goo-ki products have an EU-certified REACH test report. They have also passed the 94/62/EC SVHC PAHs according to AfPS for packaging and products. Additionally, Goo-ki has successfully passed California Proposition 65. Therefore, Goo-ki products are not only high quality and durable but also healthy and environmentally friendly.

SGS ISO 900 1:2000โœ…

The selection of door handles plays a vital role in home design, as they are indispensable elements that influence the overall atmosphere and serve as impactful finishing touches.

From a designer’s perspective, one of the crucial considerations in home design is the careful selection of door handles. These essential hardware elements are ubiquitous throughout a residence and interacted with on a daily basis, making them impossible to overlook. The diverse range of forms and finishes available for door handles presents an opportunity to shape the atmosphere of a room, serving as the final flourish in an elegant setting or introducing a captivating element in a composition with eclectic charm.


Thank you for considering our brand for your antique or modern cabinet handle needs. We are confident that our selection and service will exceed your expectations.

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