Fushan Furniture, which was created in 1986, specializes in cafe, restaurant, hotel & banquet furniture.

Fushan Furniture, the first manufacturer of dining chairs in Shunde, Foshan, was founded in 1989. The headquarter is now in HeShan industrial zone, JiangMen. Their factory covers an area of approximately 8.23 acres.

Over the past 32 years, they have been commited in design, RnD, manufacturing, expanding market and product categories. Currently their products are exported to North America, Australia and Southeast Asia.

They have been committed to design, R&D, manufacturing, market expansion, and product categories over the past 32 years. Their products are currently shipped to North America, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

Me, Fenny (Fushan Furniture), Walter Tan, Mr.Huang

From farming to furniture making, that is the amazing journey Mr.Huang took since 1982

With the knowledge and craft skill that he has gathered, he started his own business in producing furniture on a mid-sized scale. During the early days, the company started off with timber-based furniture serving primarily hotel and hospitality clients.

Later in the years, Huang realized the potential in metal-based furniture. Leveraging on the economic boom in China, he then pivoted the business into metal-based furniture production, from serving hotel clients to serving banquet, restaurant, events etc.


“By involving into hotel furniture, we have gathered knowhow in customization and quality. Pivoting into metal furniture, we know about building something that is long lasting.”

Mr.Huang, Founder Fushan Furniture

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From manufacturing banquet furniture, Huang has pivoted the company towards design-ed based furniture by working with Italian & Malaysian Designers

We are still impressed by Mr.Huang’s passion for creating the next generation of furniture design for the market. Working with international designers is the path he took to elevate their brand for the global market.

Fushan Furniture is also involved in furniture customization with their European clients. Fenny mentioned to us that 3D printing has become a crucial tool in their customization service, allowing them to prepare, test, and refine design based on the 3D mockup.

In the brochure shared, we find interesting Furnitures that are suitable for cafe, restaurant and banquet usage.

Fushan furniture is one of the largest restaurant & hotel furniture manufacturers in China, they are involved heavily in international market via platform and direct involvement in international expo.

They accept customization, minor customization such as colour of fabric, timber colour etc to suit to the design theme.

Stackability, is the most essential feature in banquet furniture

Being a banquet and restaurant furniture manufacturer, they place a lot of emphasis on creating stackable furniture. Most of the furniture are based on 10-12 chairs stacks, which adds up to a total height of 3-4m๏ผˆJust ngam for any storage area).

Fushan furniture emphasize alot on quality, which is also why the company can surivve for 30+ years

They are so used to dealing with international clients, in fact they have acquired and received quality assurance from various certification bodies. Mr.Huang is concerned about the environmental aspect as well, ESG certification application.

SGS ISO 900 1:2000โœ…
Certifications obtained.

Fushan Furniture is located at Fo Shan, GuangZhou. Located in a township famous for furniture and industrial production

Fushan furniture welcomes interested parties to visit their sales gallery to experience their furniture, designers are welcome to reach out to Fushan Furniture for collaboration and customization.

Huang and his management team welcomes visitor to visit their factory, you may reach out to the management side to make prior arrangements.

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Lo Chang Yong | Founder & Architect

Representing, i have reachout to Fushan Furniture to understand the company vision, manufacturing process. Portion of the images came from my personal collection and Fushan’s

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