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The Malaysian architecture office exuded cultural richness. Intricate wood carvings adorned the walls, reflecting traditional craftsmanship. A fusion of Islamic motifs and modern design elements created a harmonious blend. The team embraced sustainable practices, integrating lush indoor greenery. From batik-inspired fabrics to bamboo accents, the office celebrated Malaysia’s architectural heritage.

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“Our office is specialized in industrial & clean room projects”

Ar.Lo Chang Yong

We are based in Bangsar, the land of banana leaf rice

If you are in the Bangsar area and would like to know how we can assist you with your upcoming venture, business expansion, or second factory, please let us know. We can have a discussion over Banana Leaf rice while talking about your ideas. Here is what we excel at:

  • SP/L 433
  • Industrial, Commercial & Residential
  • Golf & Cycling

We are a team of professionals who strive for perfection in design and draw inspiration from eating banana leaf rice

We cannot produce quality work without forming a dedicated team to serve you. In addition to working collaboratively within our company, we closely partner with selected collaborators to ensure seamless project execution in accordance with our design.

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Factory 003, healthcare Research & Production hub based in Klang Valley

We completed construction of this healthcare facility in 2020, located in the Subang Hitech free trade zone. The design encompasses two distinct segments, housing various departments such as clean areas, logistics warehouse, and more. We seized this opportunity to infuse design elements into the industrial project, elevating it like the addition of cherries to a cake.

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Interior design for creative office

We have expanded our services to include interior design, catering to clients who entrust us with their design ideas and needs. In this particular project, we drew inspiration from their headquarters in New York and created an extension of it in Subang Jaya.

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Since the establishment of our company, we have been extensively involved in a wide range of projects. In architecture, we have enhanced our productivity by integrating BIM into our production processes. The following list highlights the projects we have been engaged in.

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Jaden Tan appreciates people engaging him for a chitchat session, permission to visit interesting architecture.

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