EcoClass – fluted panel are the largest supplier of fluted panels with the most colours and variations available in Malaysia. Catering to meet the lifestyle and preferences of our customers by providing a wide range of contemporary and trending designs, colours, sizes to meet the demands and deliver customers satisfaction for the right quality, design and price.

โ€œHome is simple to renovate over a nimble glimpse.โ€ Using Modular Installation, the renovation period can be shortened, thus saving time as well as labour cost. Using non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, the post-renovation property is formaldehyde-free, which is safe for you and also the earth.

EcoClass – fluted panel assure our customers the best experience and service always. Feel free to visit our warehouse in Sg Buloh.

  • Eco Class Sdn Bhd
  • 0951727U
  • Klang Valley

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