Galvanized fencing is just part of Lita-finemesh products. While dedicated most of the inventory in producing BRC meant to strengthen our concrete, Lita finemesh find that it is adequate to provide security fencing for everyone as well.

Roll top-FenceSafe for everyoneLandscape barrier
V-fenceStrong fenceStrong barrier
Flat FenceGeneral sizeStandard barrier
Security FencePartial visual protectionBetter than Standard
Anti-ClimbVery high securityHigh security

1. Roll Top Fence

Fence that serves as a barrier, sports area and easy to be contacted by human, Roll top fence is the choice. The top is bend over to provide adequate protection in case there is any trip over, or leg kicking.

  • What we think about where roll-top can be used
  • Low barrier
  • Landscape
  • Human interaction

2. V-Fence

For tall and wide fence, V-Fence is the optimal choice. The V-portion of the fence is the โ€˜invisibleโ€™ beam to the fence that allows it to have structural integrity.

  • Places where we think V-Fence is good at
  • High-impact area
  • Sports fencing
  • Security Fence

3. Flat Fence

Flat fence is the most common and generic fencing. It can be used as dividing panel, as a screen to divide zones. Due to lack of V-bend, it will be more prone to minimal flex.

  • Places where we think Flat Fence is good at
  • Economical
  • Generic Fencing
  • Subsitute to Chain link

4. Security Fence

Security fence is more commonly named as anti-climb fence, it provides high level of security due to the dense weaving up to 25mm gap. This is an upgrade version of the standard flat fence.

  • Places where we think Security Fence should be applied
  • Privacy concern
  • Extra-safety
  • Private demarcation

5. Anti-Climb Fence

The fence gap of 12.5mm makes it almost impossible to poke over. It has higher security in nature and the density of fence provides certain degree of visual privacy.

  • Places where we think Anti-Climb should be applied
  • Super high safety
  • Private Residences
  • Security Center

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