It is difficult to envision a trip to the clinic as anything but fun, Supewerks is changing that perception for Eye Muse’s visitors. By infusing vibrant pops of yellow throughout the space, it ingeniously harmonized the clinical setting with an element of playfulness. Gone are the stark, cold steel vibes commonly associated with medical facilities. With Supewerks’ innovative approach, Eye Muse has redefined what it means to visit the eye clinic, ushering in an era where every appointment becomes an adventure.

Sliding glass panels serve as both seamless space dividers and poster panels

To accommodate both an eye clinic and a pop-up store within a designated corner, a sliding glass panel system has ingeniously implemented. This solution not only opens up possibilities for spatial arrangement but also serves as a poster panel, offering additional versatility to the space. With the glass panels being see-through, they facilitate seamless transitions between layouts without visually obstructing the space. This allows the area to effortlessly transform from a bustling eye clinic to an inviting pop-up store, ensuring that every visit is a fresh and exciting experience.

Incorporated a versatile display system for various product presentation methods

In its ongoing commitment to reinventing the shopping experience with each visit, Supewerks has introduced a versatile display system. This innovative integration enables different product brands to showcase their offerings using a variety of methods. For instance, one notable feature is the recessed track on the wall, facilitating hanging modular displays and shelving arrangements.

Another integral component of the display system at Supewerks is the innovative use of yellow stackable crates. These crates, reminiscent of LEGO blocks, offer a playful and customizable approach to creating display counters. By stacking and arranging them in various configurations, retailers have the freedom to experiment with different layouts and showcase products in creative ways. This flexibility not only adds a whimsical touch to the shopping environment but also allows for the efficient utilization of space, ensuring that each product receives the attention it deserves.

Dominating the perimeter of this corner is a prominent stainless steel bar, undoubtfully serving as a track for the sliding panel. Yet, its functionality extends far beyond mere utility. This versatile bar doubles as a hanging rail for product displays, offering a seamless blend of practicality and aesthetics. Moreover, its integration doesn’t stop there; ingeniously incorporated into the lighting system, it provides essential support while adding a contemporary flair to the space.

The incorporation of vibrant colors, flexible layouts, and multi-functional elements in Eye Muse store offer patrons a refreshing and engaging environment. Supewerks’ visionary approach not only enhances the functionality of the clinic but also elevates the overall brand experience for Eye Muse, setting a new standard in interior design for medical facilities.

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