In summary, Exterpark’s pricing falls on the premium end of the spectrum due to their strong emphasis on quality, texture, and long-lasting durability. In terms of color, they offer a natural aesthetic with four distinct tones that are combined in a randomized pattern to prevent repetitive visuals. Notably, their entire decking system can be installed without the need for screws.

Exterpark is premium decking, with advantages in quality, texture and service ability

Screwless decking has a huge advantage when it comes to service-ability. There might be unforeseen situation where the deck needs replacement. Owners can just change the individual panel from the clip, not requiring the whole technical team be presence and remove the adjacent panels.

To ensure durability and quality assurance, Exterpark prices their decking on the lower end of the premium range. For those seeking quality decking, we advise you to reach out to them directly to learn more about the specifications of the deck.

Exterpark decking pricing starts at RM66/sqft

Timber decking chart based on our research: Price point, each of them have their own pros and cons based on durability, quality and long-term servicing

To mimic the actual timber effect, the plank texture is randomized to avoid repetitiveness

The unique texture of natural timber, with its distinct shades, remains irreplicable. Exterpark’s designers have ingeniously developed a randomized texture, encompassing both shades and patterns, to achieve this distinctive effect.

Exterpark pioneered in composite decking without screw, they have a proprietary clip lock system

In a decking system, screws are typically the first components to deteriorate due to moisture accumulation underneath. Adopting a screwless design not only extends the longevity of the decking but also makes it more convenient to replace over time.

Exterpark’s innovative Polymer clip mechanism simplifies maintenance tasks. In situations where a panel replacement is necessary, it can be swiftly and effortlessly removed. You don’t need to remove the adjacent deck just to replace the deck in the middle.

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