The quality and reliability of ECONFRAMEยฎ steel door have made them a favored choice for construction projects. Using only the 1.2mm thick high quality galvanised steel and manufacturing techniques, ECONFFlAMEยฎ produces steel doors in a wide variety of sizes to meet the full range of safety, security and aesthetic requirements.

These high durable steel doors are highly resistant to rust, cracking and bowing.

The construction of our galvanised steel door, when combined with heavy duty stainless steel flag hinge and mortise lockset, is providing a high level of protection against vendalism and opportunist theft.

The history of our Group can be traced back to the establishment of Econframe Marketing Sdn Bhd โ€œEconframe Marketingโ€ on 23 August 2001 by Lim Chin Horng, who is currently our Managing Director of the Group. Prior to the establishment of Econframe Marketing, our Managing Director, Lim Chin Horng was involved in the manufacturing of dry cargo containers and mechanical metal parts where he acquired knowledge and skills in metalworking.

  • Econframe Marketing Sdn Bhd
  • 0557046U
  • Klang Valley

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