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Founded by Ar. Doreen Wong Yoke Fong, Doreen Design Architect is an architectural and interior practice. Ar. Wong graduated from UTM in Bachelor of Architecture and started this firm in 2022. The architect with over 15 years of experience, specializes in residential architecture and mixed development. she brings her expertise to projects in Penang, Kuantan, and beyond. Her designs are characterized by sensitivity to communities, context, and sustainability, resulting in elegant and timeless solutions. Collaborative and technically adept, she creates successful projects with a strong team spirit.

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โ€œOne must also know how to extrapolate and where to value-add so as to deliver a design that goes beyond itโ€™s original briefโ€

Ar. Doreen Wong, Principle – Doreen Design Architect

More projects by the designer

Besides practicing architecture and office, check out some of the featured projects and proposals done by the designer. We love the enthusiasm and passion in creating a new world out of Malaysia.

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More projects by the designer

Besides Architecture and design, <architect> is also providing the following services to complement his advisory services

More projects by the designer

There is more to talk about the designer, check out their latest featured projects and profile here.

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  • Selangor, Malaysia

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