The dongqi team faced a challenging spatial problem that most designers would dread: a 170 sqm site with 5 large columns blocking the middle, making the space impractical for a store. However, embracing the mindset of “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” the team creatively used these columns to create a versatile, transformable store.

Innovative Angles: Rethinking the Triangular Prism

After careful consideration of proportions, the triangular prism is segmented into three parts. The middle section, at human height, rotates and extends arms of varying lengths. It can halt at any angle, crafting diverse spatial configurations with different angle combinations. The upper and lower sections use mirrored surfaces, so as the middle section rotates, it seems misaligned and suspended, creating a sense of disorientation or a ‘lost’ atmosphere.

Soft Curves and Mirrors: Reflecting ‘Lost in Echo’

The corners of the enclosing walls carefully crafted with gentle curves, evoking a soft, airy, and inviting atmosphere. Adjacent to the fitting rooms, a small space with an irregular-shaped full mirrored wall is specially designed. As customers try on clothes, a mesmerizing interplay of reflections occurs between the mirrors, bringing the brand name “lost in echo” to life within the space.

The clothing rods are hidden within a wall section extending from the ceiling. When clothes are displayed, they seem to float, giving them a weightless presence.

Changing Spaces: Adaptable Display System

The horizontal lines across the space accommodate various display systems. dongqi’s custom-designed shelving brackets and other accessories can be easily installed. The space can switch freely between flexible product displays and an empty layout, retaining only the rotating wall feature, to accommodate different functional scenarios such as retail, exhibitions, and events.

Gallery of Lost In Echo

Area170 sqm
Lead Designerdongqi Design
ClientLost In Echo
PhotographerVictor Marvillet

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