The ArtScience Museum in Singapore is a distinctive museum located within the integrated resort of Marina Bay Sands. It is known for its iconic lotus-inspired architecture and its interdisciplinary approach to exploring the intersection of art, science, culture, and technology. The museum hosts a variety of exhibitions and interactive displays that engage visitors in innovative and thought-provoking ways.

The facade is constructed with Matured GFRP components with pre-determined curvature and joint made in Malaysia

Mr.Adzlan spent up to 2 years of his youth in Singapore back then, coordinating the installation of the facade panel delivered from Melaka Factory. He is currently serve as the Chief Operating Officer of dk Composites.

GFRP panel is the solution when it comes to shape forming without the exorbitant weight of concrete

The museum’s outer covering consists of a double-curved skin made of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), a material commonly employed on a large scale in the construction of boats and yachts. The innovative use of FRP enables a seamless, continuous surface for each sail-like structure, imparting a feeling of lightness through its radiant petals.

WeightHeavy20% of Concrete

How GFRP panel looks so metalic ?

Bead-blasted stainless steel panels encase the vertical sides of each petal. With GFRC serving as the foundation of the shape of the facade. How the stainless steel panels are attached is similar to how tiles are being adhesived on GFRP dome.

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