Who is Dexter?

Between 2007 and 2013, Dexter served as a Senior Architect at ArchiCentre & DTLM Architect, where he led design and project teams for various local and international development projects, including TSCLK Integrated Complex, National Election Committee Building in Cambodia, and NagaCity Walk. His responsibilities encompassed design conceptualization, development, and project implementation across a spectrum of projects, from larger ventures like PJ Exchange and Glad Tidings Vision Centre to niche endeavors such as Bakita Bar & Restaurant and Suen Galleries. In 2013, Dexter founded DEKODA (Dexter Koh Design Architect), an architectural and interior design studio emphasizing innovation and experimentation. Under his leadership, DEKODA undertakes diverse projects ranging from small-scale alterations to large-scale master planning, reflecting Dexter’s commitment to embracing project diversity and pushing the boundaries of design.

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