1 Duplicate Sample Project

Duplicate this sample project as the template for the new project to be implemented. Alot of details are preset and we shall use it to standardize it within the profile.

2 Create Title

The tile shall be catchy and simple enough for general user to get what the project is about, usually we just get the name of the project as the title.

2 Gutenberg Image slider

Use gutenberg image slider as the image slider for the post. All the images shall be in the same ratio, please follow the powerpoint template we have created to create the following ratios .

  • 4:3
  • 16:9
  • 1:1
  • Do not use landscape

Settings of the slider as per following

  • Slide animation
  • Changing Content
  • Adaptive Height

Secondary Settings, please toggle the following buttons

  • Autoplay
  • Show arrows
  • DISABLE Show dots
  • Loop
  • DISABLE Full Background slider

3 Create write up of the project

Create write up of the project, and copy directly from the submitted items given by the Architect.

Details of the project, which become an identifier for the project.

Company hiring status via post, and the tag category shall be as <companyname><jobs>, eg duodesignjobs

4 About the company

Map of the project, we want people to know where exactly is the project to give a clearer picture

5 Product used

Change the setting of the block, change the following settings .

  • Taxonomy : TAGS
  • Tags: <Projectname><Material> eg. buildexmaterial

6 Contractor

If there is contractor involved, or the contractor is within our Buildex,my database, usually interior design contractor. Please update the column otherwise just delete this segment.

Create simple Slug to create easy link such as

  • parque
  • theparque
  • parqueecoworld

Set the main category as Publication & Architecture/Interior

  • Architecture
  • Interior

Tag of this project, which project shall relate to this

  • projectmaterial
  • projectname
  • project company

Feature Image at front page

  • Portrait / Square
  • Avoid landscape
  • Use our template

Note: If you have any queries or any new discovery on how to make this thing faster, do not hesitate to notify the management.