1 Duplicate Sample Post

Visit Contact Form 7 setting to look at the current post available, from this contact form, select the sample contact and edit as pe the following instruction.

2 Edit the content

1 Form tab, change the Job title to a job application title that corresponds to the company new job title.

2 Mail tab, change the “To email” with the Email where the application is supposed to send to.

3 Create New Post

Open this sample job post, and edit it by duplicating it according to the steps. Remember, don’t edit it by itself !

4 About the company

Everything about the company and the intent of the hiring, the most important is that the post should be clear and simple

For verified post, please add this tick โ“ฅ

Image gallery, enable slider mode and always import the 1st – 2nd image to be friendly to slider so that it looks like connected.

Written information about the company, could be retreive from the company ‘about’ page.

Social information and link such as facebook, twitter, instagram and company webpage.

5 About the Job

The short description about the job, usually the company will be providing this description. If the company didn’t copy the right content here, please refer to our hiring library as a reference.

Map of the vacancy shall be updated. We want people to know where they are hiring ! Copy the Google Map API to be placed here.

Remember the Contact Form that you created earlier ? Yes, select the right contact form that you have created earlier.

6 Post Settings

Set validity of the job listing to be on air.

  • Enable post expiration
  • 60 days validity
  • Expired to Draft

Set the main category under Buildex.my

  • Single Type
  • Multi-type

Type of jobs that this listing is about

  • Profession
  • Location

Featured image of the job to be ‘cool’

  • Disable image on singular

7 Limit the post

Set the job post to subscriber only, this is to protect the post and job listing from being pry by unwanted person, at the same time allow us to monitor the usage of the platform via registered person.

Note: If you have any queries or any new discovery on how to make this thing faster, do not hesitate to notify the management.