We transform our suppliers’ content into micro-articles, making it easily readable during a short break

Our goal is to create easily shareable content with 600 words and 6 images, simplifying the message for maximum impact. Here are the six methods we use to craft our articles.

  • 600 words
  • 6 images
  • Graphical
  • SEO
  • Content
  • Edutainment

Digital marketing encompasses the skills of content composition, graphic design, and SEO optimization, with the goal of enhancing your brand and product visibility to project coordinators.

Having an architecture background, we understand what appeals most to architects, interior designers, project managers, and quantity surveyors. Studies have shown that using edutainment can enhance the understanding of products and brands.

Our best advice is to minimize technical jargon in brochures, catalogs, and articles. People who take the time to read them prefer a more engaging and enjoyable presentation.

We learn from the best and enhance readership by reducing technical jargon

We assist in transforming technical jargon into engaging content, thus aiding in boosting your brand presence among professionals. The effectiveness of content-based articles has been proven on various news portals, such as soyacincau.com, says.com, buzzfeed.com, and asiaone.com, which have adopted similar successful formats.

Here are the six styles we’ve used to assist our suppliers in marketing their products. Give them a try yourself

AIDAAttention, Interest, Desire, Action“This coating protects facade from dust stain, widely used in Singapore. Now we can get it via their local dealers, we share it here”
PASProblem, Agitate, Solution“Stain kept appearing on the toilet bowl? We all find it annoying. Here is how to solve it”
4CsClear, Concise, Compelling, Credible“Quick installation, lesser risk, widely used by factories. Industrial grade robustness for our projects”
FABFeatures, Advantages, Benefits“Made for Malaysian rain figure, withstand heavy water flow. Perfect for project seeking for long terms.”
ACCAwareness, Comprehension, Conversion“Asian 1st flood shutter. Protection within 1 minute. Checkout this SKB protection”
SLAPStop, Look, Act, Purchase“Hold on! Check out our recently curated MUJI style finishes, Limited suppliers can match this style. Whatsapp them to find out more”

Here are the articles we have prepared following the 6 highlighted styles

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