Originating from Penang, their creative endeavors draw inspiration from the harmonious blend of Eastern and Western cultures that define their hometown. However, their design philosophy transcends mere cultural influences, anchored firmly in three fundamental beliefs that serve as guiding principles shaping their approach to design, development, and even their daily lives. These beliefs, ingrained deeply within their ethos, illuminate their commitment to excellence and innovation across all facets of their work and personal endeavors.

Beliefs Ceed design adhere

Let if be Clean & Simple
Form, function and ‘feeling’ is pivotal in minimalist design. This is because as everything gets more basic, the essence of the building or space, its structure, furniture and textures, are highlighted as centerpieces.

Let it be Free & Liberating
We believe that there is no perfect designs; rather, we should accept the world as imperfect, unfinished and transient. When we are able to take in all the beauty with all the imperfections, we would begin to appreciate more, indulge more and live life to our absolute best. “When there is a crack in the wall, that is how the lights gets in.”

Let it be Open & Natural
Sufficient air, light and space creates tranquil living spaces that soothe the mind and rejuvenate the soul. In all of our personal creations, we make it a priority to seamlessly blend the outdoors with the indoors.

Other projects by Ceed design

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