We use logofont as Buildex.my logo. The logo is upfront simple and direct as Buildex.my, it is to constantly reminding everyone who is using it that Buildex.my is a web platform and tech company. In normal circumstances, Buildex.my shall be written with the capital B, and it shall end with .my to further enhance it’s web identity.

Blue Identity

Buildex Blue comes in two tone, the darker tone is to create sense of solidness and the lighter tone is to highlight the ‘ex’ of experience !

Background light blue



Font Identity

Klavika Font is the font used for Buildex.my logo, the font type is tweaked in terms of the missing dot from the ‘i’, and tighter spacing of -50 is applied.

Primary logo

Standard buildex.my shall be used as widely as possible as part of the symbol for the company, it shall appear in the front page, end page or even at the coverpage of the document. This logo is widely used throughout every environment and it is clear, simple and straight forward.

Standard Buildex.my logo to be used in Any occasion and it should be proud.
To show contrast, the white logo is created to compliment such occurrences.

Brand logo

Brand logo is to complement the primary logo of Buildex.my, which act more like a symbolic element to show its presence in the document or in a graphical manner.

BigB Blue logo usually used in an environment where the normal Buildex.my already presence elsewhere.

BigB White for logo placement in colour environment. Used to distinguish its presence from the bright background.

SquareBlue Buildex.my logo used to show presence in a peaceful background.

SquareWhite Buildex.m logo used to show contrast form the surrounding.