Viet Tiles is the manufacturer of handmade cement tiles, which is produced by the traditional craft methods with many experienced-years craftmens in Vietnam. Together with our modern and professional production management system, cement tiles “Made in Vietnam – Handmade by Viettiles” have been got the great favor from many tiles & building materials distributors around the world, as well as, have been presented in many typical projects. Viet Tiles is a joyful workplace of people who have great experience more than 20 years in this business. Our people have the great love and passion to the beauty of cement tile. Our factory has been ceritifed ISO 9001 and verified Social Responsibility Auditing. Our products are exported over 55 countries.

Viettiles is the leading manufacturer for handmade encaustic cement tile and breeze block tile with many skillful artisans.

  • Company Viettiles Malaysia
  • Reg 1331138-H
  • Location Subang Jaya

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