BMI Monier Elabana Roof System has is made for harsh tropical weather, it has provided protection for over 20 years. Based on the successful fundamentals, BMI has been improving the same profile for years, making it dimensionally consistent, easy to be installed, and high in quality.

In many ways, this can be liken to the ‘Saga’ of roofing. From Perlis to Sabah, we can see its application as roof system

Up to today, numerous housing developments, residential projects, houses etc have used this Elabana series. We call it the ‘Saga’ of roofing simply because it has been widely used and most of us probably once sheltered under this roofing material in our life at least once.

Credit : haziq znal on Behance

Here are specification that makes it so popular among architects, contractor

It is made from highly sourcable material that makes it reasonably priced, available on demand yet easy to be sourced. Because it is made from widely sourcable material such as lime, cement, sand and etc, Elabana will be affected the least by its availbility.

Min Pitch20ยฐ
Coverage11 / sqm

So robust, it is made from the past and refined for the future

BMI acknowledged this as the fundamental item and have been providing equivalent support to ensure it will continuously be supported for can be reassured that 10 years down the road your client not need to change the whole roof just because of lack of material. Sustainablity from another perspective.

Elabana is like the ‘lego’ of roof tiles, the most amazing one is this transparent Elabana for daylight solution

Malaysia enjoys day long daylight; roof provides shelter from rain and sun. BMI Monier has this transparent roof tile solution in bringing more daylight to the sheltered area. Hence you can enjoy shelter under the sun.

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