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Studio Illumine designed the lighting atmosphere for Black Star Pastry๏ผŒ a space-themed cafe in downtown Shanghai. The interiors evoke the feeling of being in space through the use of a monochromatic palette, reflective materials and bespoke lighting.

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Black Star Pastry was founded in Sydney in 2008 and is the creator of the Strawberry Watermelon Cake

Black Star Pastry

Elevate Imagination: A Multi-Functional Kids Space Where Creativity Soars

Linehouse in collaboration with Azlan Nazam, Founder of Studio Illumine, and Louis Li, Principal and Creative Director of Black Star Pastry, transformed a historic red-brick villa on Yuyuan Road, Shanghai, into the inaugural flagship store for Black Star Pastry in China. This innovative design features two distinct venues across two floors: the ground floor serves as the cake and coffee retail space, while the second floor unveils the Black Star Gallery, a captivating dining area. By seamlessly merging these spaces, a cutting-edge retail complex emerges, encompassing dining, design, art, and lifestyle into a futuristic experience.

  • Project: Food & Beverage
  • Built-up: 380 sqm
  • Designer: Duts Studio X Studio Illumine
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The Ground Floor Space

Step into a World of Cosmic Delights: Indulge in heavenly treats at the ground floor pastry cafe, where an immersive spaceship-themed design transports you to the stars. The cafe’s walls are adorned with sleek stainless steel shelving, showcasing a mesmerizing collection of thousands of meteorites that seem to reach towards the heavens.

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Illuminating these celestial displays presented a unique challenge, striking the perfect balance between showcasing the minerals and preventing over-illumination in the reflective environment. Each shelf is ingeniously edge-lit within a sliding system, ensuring easy maintenance access while creating an enchanting ambience with precisely calibrated LED lighting.

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Cocktail Lounge at Night

The interplay of natural and artificial light transforms the dark, low-ceilinged interiors into an inviting realm. Ingeniously, the ceiling soffit is skillfully up-lit, casting a soft glow that harmoniously bridges the transition from daylight to artificial illumination. This clever technique not only diminishes the stark contrast but also enhances the perception of height, creating an enchanting ambiance and visually expanding the spatial proportions.

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In this captivating project, the interior designers delve into the realms of gravity and weightlessness, while the lighting designers masterfully extend the language through the interplay of shadow and light. This artful dance between darkness and illumination adds depth and intrigue to the space, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that beautifully complements the concept of balance and movement.

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Studio Illumine, a lighting design firm that believes in the transformative power of light. With a focus on creating meaningful and integrated lighting designs, we enhance the ambiance and experience of spaces. They started in Shanghai and recently they come back to Malaysia with open a new branch in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Studio Illumine
  • Kuala Lumpur & Shanghai China

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