This Singaporean – Malaysian company based in Balakong is a design-led boutique manufacturing studio with a strong focus on creating bespoke woodwork, fine furniture, and original acoustic solutions. Its international presence in Singapore, Thailand, the UK, and Europe indicates a broader market reach, potentially serving a diverse clientele across different regions.

Here are the 4 core method used by them to reduce noise for us

A quiet environment contributes to an overall positive and enjoyable indoor experience. Whether at home, in a restaurant, or any other indoor space, reduced noise levels enhance comfort and satisfaction.

Use by most interior designer, Motif is a sound absorbant material that is versatile on surface and ceiling

Interior designers are free to use their creativity to design the motif that they like, Beltiston team is always here to assist you with their wide selection of colours, up to 70+ choices to be made from.

Sofwall by Beltiston turns any wall into a ‘pillow’ ish padded wall meant to absorb noise

Padded wall panel acts in 3 functions, 1st it adds design essence to the interior like the padding insert of a car door. 2nd it acts as sound absorbant agent to the space by reducing echo. Lastly, it act as a nice insert to the interior by improving the interior space.

If you like timber finishes, Quietply is an engineered timber panel. Its micro holes + sound absorbant sandwiched absorbs sound discreetly

Designers always want to preserve the identity of the material. Beltiston engineered a solution by sandwiching sound absorbant material as the insert, externally there are micropores made to allow noise into the insert .

Distributed by Beltiston, Snaptec is cool sound reduction mechanism that is versatile, simple and easy to install

Snaptex is a site-built stretched fabric acoustic wall and ceiling system. Panels are available in a range of decorative finishes and may be large format or panelized with expressed negative detail in square, round or bevel edges. ย For acoustic control, Sonaboard glass wool absorber is fitted under the fabric.

Beltiston Sdn Bhd

A design-led boutique manufacturing studio that specialises in bespoke woodwork, fine furniture and original acoustic solutions.

About Beltiston

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