Our humble begin which started way back 1978 as Best Tile Sdn Bhd, we were manufacturing quarry and ceramic tiles from a small factory located in Klang, Selangor

Trends back then was a little simpler and what we produced were enough to supply the needs of the market. In the mid 90โ€™s, we expanded our business to include imported tiles and thus creating

Terracotta Tiles Centre Sdn Bhd which housed a showroom with a wide selection of tiles and cozy areas for inspiration and dicussions.

GNG now offers not only our own selection but a service no other company could offer. Based on your requirements, we will source internationally to complete your design vision.

About Terracota Tiles Centre & GNG Tiles

Terracotta Tiles Centre & GNG Tiles Malaysia are sister companies. We are tile specialist In Pool Tile , Wall Tile, Kitchen Tile, Bathroom Tile , Subway Tile , Floor Tile , Roof Tile, Wall Facade & Cladding Tile , Art Mosaic,Tactile, Sanitarywares.

GNG Distributors Sdn Bhd is a home grown Malaysian tile company procuring and supplying fine architectural tiles for the residential and commercial markets.

We have evolved through the years to offer to our customers a selection of premium designed tiles for their architectural needs.

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