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Founded by Ar. Suhail Azlan, Arkitek Suhail Azlan is an architecture firm. Ar. Suhail graduated from IIUM in Bachelor of Architecture and started this firm in 2016. The architect has extensive experience in a wide range of projects, including commercial, mixed-use, industrial, residential, and institutional developments, catering to both private and government clients.The architect believes that curiosity and creativity are the driving forces behind ASA’s design approach.

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“At ASA, we firmly believe that our next masterpiece is always ahead of us.”

Ar. Suhail Azlan, Principle – Arkitek Suhail Azlan

The firm’s core spirit is to challenge conventions and deliver exceptional products and services tailored to meet the unique needs of clients.

ASA is passionate about making a positive impact in the communities they work in. They firmly believe that every project presents an opportunity for transformation and improvement, and they approach each endeavor with a commitment to deliver exceptional results. By challenging the ordinary and thinking outside the box, ASA strives to create outstanding designs that surpass expectations.

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ASA is a dynamic and innovative architecture firm with a diverse portfolio of projects across various scales and types.

With a strong emphasis on creative solutions, ASA draws from years of collective experience in multiple typologies from across the country. Specializing in interior design, master planning, and urban design, ASA is committed to local, community-focused projects that have the potential for transformative impact.

Selected projects by Arkitek Suhail Azlan

These are a few projects with detailed insight from the designer that are bound to make you love them more!

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ASA is a young and energetic architecture firm that brings a fresh perspective and innovative approach to every project. With a strong focus on creative solutions, ASA tackles projects of various scales and types, harnessing a broad portfolio of experience gathered from across the country. The firm offers a comprehensive range of architectural services, including interior design, master planning, and urban design, allowing them to provide holistic solutions to their clients.

  • SP/S 152
  • Selangor, Malaysia

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