Atelier Meadow has crafted a pavilion with the goal of capturing the subtle beauty behind the art of textile production. This pavilion features a modular design that encompasses the entire space, defining separate areas inside. Additionally, the boundary between interior and exterior is gracefully blurred with the use of 100,000 meters of steel wire, inviting visitors to peer seamlessly into the pavilion’s interior.

Employing materials to differentiate between two brand areas within a space

The interior space embodies the delicate theme that guides the entire design process. Aterlier Meadow meticulously selected materials to distinguish between the two brand areas. For Xingwu, a stone finish adorns the exterior, while a paint finish enhances the interior of its conference rooms. In contrast, Yetian features a wooden finish both inside and out, with the exterior verticals reflecting the subtle lightness of steel wires. Metal mesh partially shields the interior of each meeting room, providing privacy while establishing a connection with the fabric weave pattern.

Steel wire represents the structural element that compose fabric piece

The steel wires serve a crucial purpose, symbolizing the structural essence of every fabric piece. Inspired by traditional textile looms, the mesmerizing pattern created with steel wires lends an air of mystery, blurring the scenes inside like an abstract painting seen through the lines.

Modular product display integrated with lighting systems

The use of steel wire extends beyond mere aesthetics. The perimeter wall is ingeniously designed to function as a cohesive machine rather than a static structure. Embedded within it are hanging racks for product display and seamlessly integrated lighting systems, forming a unified whole that seamlessly combines form and function.

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