Adding ArxTechโ€™s Sliding Doors to your home would be a smart move as there are many functional advantages to doing so and also it would add an elegant aesthetic to any accommodation. We offer a practical design that maximizes natural light or perhaps you are doing so to get a better view of the whole place in general, perfect to keep an eye on things around your place. Nonetheless, ArxTech offers the best Sliding Doors with the highest-grade mechanisms for your safety and comfort.

Our sliding doors are unlike any other ordinary system the market has to offer. Furthermore, it has a minimum of 6-point locking system in place that is highly effective in securing your house from any intruders. To make your experience smooth and trouble-free, the sliding doors come equipped with rollers, most doors come with. Thus, the two crucial accessories together giving ArxTechโ€™s Sliding Doors a graceful and luxurious feel well suited even for the minimalistโ€™s preference perfect for any setup of Semi โ€“ D, Bungalow or Luxurious Villa.

Optima Windows & Doors offer reliability and the variety to match everything else that form the perfect home and work place. The aluminium and glass used are of high quality and are completely customisable with your choice of powder coated colours or wood grain finish, different sizes, various designs, multiple function and equipped with accessories from world-recognized brands simply because we believe that oneโ€™s privacy, security and comfort should never be compromised.

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