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This is Arca Timur, they are established on 22nd January 2008. It is involved in the trading of industrial safety, fire fighter, professional gears and marine equipment. Since their founding they have been distributing wide range of renowned, reliability and quality product that complies with recognized international standard.

Mr.David aims to provide the best solution for its customer. Their current customers are Kencana HL, MMHE, Murphy Oil Corporation, SHELL, Sapura Crest, UMW-Oil and gas, ExxonMobil and major fabrication yards.

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“We ensure safety of the building is further enhanced with our safety system”

Arca Timur – Mr.David Ho

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They work with Architects to ensure safety harness elements are well captured for future maintenance

Fall arrest system is often specified in large roofing systems to provide a better safety option for scheduled maintenance. Every maintenance personnel have a radius of 30m operational radius, and the harness require hoisting and fixing.

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Besides Architecture and design, <architect> is also providing the following services to complement his advisory services

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There is more to know about safety, there are the following articles we have composed with Arca Timur.

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  • Duravit
  • SSM CTOS number
  • Germany

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