This AAC panel is from Alamcon, the same supplier of AAC Blocks, who understands the primary reason behind people’s preference for AAC Blocks: expedited wall erection. Now, they have introduced an even more advanced wall solution designed to further optimize your construction time. They’ve developed AAC wall panels with built-in reinforcement bars, offering the same structural strength while significantly reducing construction duration for a more efficient building process.

During the construction phase, wall erection can be a time-intensive task. AAC panels offer the flexibility of two erection methods, both horizontally and vertically.

Hollow core panel
Alamcon AAC Panel

Compare to the conventional hollow core panel, AAC panel offers higher strength, lower cost and better insulation properties.

The conventional hollow core panel provides greater working density and superior compression strength. Nevertheless, its installation demands more labor-intensive work and produced more wastage during manufacturing. In contrast, the reinforced steel mesh panel offers substantial cost savings, energy efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, and minimized waste generation.

Due to its need for greater precision and modular design, the panels are pre-cut into specific dimensions before being delivered to the construction site.

This approach offers several advantages, pre-cutting minimizes the need for extensive on-site grinding, modifying the panels off-site significantly reduces construction time, as they can be seamlessly integrated upon arrival. Panels pre-cut at the factory often exhibit better water-tightness, contributing to improved overall building integrity. The pre-cut panels tend to exhibit superior wall flatness, resulting in a more structurally sound final product.

TLDR version of AAC panels is summarized in the following

AAC Panels AAC Blocks
Construction speed โœ…
Customization โœ…
Maximum height 6m 2-3m
Fire rating โœ… โœ…
Strength โœ… โœ…
AAC PanelsHollow core panelBrick
Working density750kg/mยณ1680kg/mยณ1800kg/mยณ
Fire rating4 hrs2 hrs1 hr
Sound insulationโœ…โœ…
Installation TeamMin 2 packMin 4 packMin 1 pack
Installation productivity40ใŽก/man-day20ใŽก/man-day10ใŽก/man-day

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Alam โ€“ Con Sdn Bhd is the latest local company involves in the manufacturing of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). Itโ€™s manufacturing plant is located in Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Rambai Melaka and commenced its first production in early January 2012.

The target market includes individual houses, link houses and condominiums in the medium to high cost area, low rise commercial projects such as hotels, shops and offices, schools, hospitals and industrial buildings.

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  • Malaysia

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