When it comes to housing construction, the selection of building materials is crucial. Opting for the right materials can not only help you save time and money but also guarantee the quality of your home. Consider giving AAC(autoclaved aerated concrete) a try as a novel building material, beginning with a small component like a lintel.

Typical lintel failure usually caused by weak concrete, lack of re-enforcements and honeycomb caused by water infiltration.

To prevent lintel failure, it’s essential to use quality materials and follow proper construction practices. The concrete quality needs to be under controlled to ensure the proper load distribution.

Lintels are building elements used as support over windows, doorways and other building openings.

AAC(autoclaved aerated concrete) lintels are precast concrete elements consisting of primarily concrete, a proportion of lime, fine aggregates, water, and an expanding agent. These lintels are available in standard block thickness and can be used over both windows and doors.

Traditional lintel casting involves on-site concrete pouring, molding and wooden framework. It lacks standardized quality and takes heavy labor work.

Compared to traditional casting, the AAC pre-cast lintel uses lightweight material that reduces the overall building weight. Additionally, it is prefabricated in the factory, ensuring high-standard quality and high efficiency.

Traditional lintel
AAC lintel

TLDR version of AAC blocks is summarized in the following table.

AAC linteltraditional lintel
Eco-friendly โœ…
Dry density  โœ… โœ…
Compressive strength โœ… โœ…
Duration โœ…
Light Weight โœ… โœ…
Installation team MIN 2 MIN 4

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