AJIYA Decorative Coated Safety Glass is produced by applying ceramic or enamel paint onto the glass surface before being heat treated in a tempering furnace. A full range of decorative designs and colours can be created to suit every need. It can be used monolithically, laminated or double glazed.

Over 31 years since its establishment, Ajiya has expanded its geographical strategic locations from Segamat, Johor, to Northern, Southern, Central and Eastern regions of Malaysia. In response to growing competition, Ajiya had, in 2007 established its overseas presence in Thailand. To date, Ajiya has a network of 18 factories or warehouses with offices throughout Malaysia and Thailand.

Combining the key strengths of our Metal Division and Safety Glass Division, Ajiya proceeded to develop business to be a one-stop manufacturer of IBS (Industrialised Building System), with our very own Ajiya Green Integrated Building Solutions (“AGiBS”). AGiBS is a modern method of construction to increase productivity and quality at construction sites, align with CIDB’s initiatives.

  • Ajiya Safety Glass Sdn Bhd
  • 0366389A
  • Johor

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