This bend is essential in keeping the rain water down pipe intact for long term here are the 3 main reasons

Directional Change: Downpipes often need to change direction to align with the layout of the building or to connect with the drainage system underground. Bends allow for this change in direction while efficiently channeling water downwards.

A Bend can prevent clogging !

Straight pipes can sometimes get clogged with debris carried by rainwater, such as leaves or small twigs. Bends in the downpipe can help to prevent such clogs by slowing down the flow of water and allowing debris to settle at the bends rather than blocking the entire pipe.

Every bend is an invisible ‘structural reinforcement’

Bends can also add structural integrity to the downpipe system by reducing the stress caused by the weight of the water flowing through it. Without bends, the straight pipe might be more prone to bending or buckling under pressure.

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